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How to learn hacking: You should start with learning a programming language. It will give you an understanding of what is commonly done wrong in a program and maybe also how you can exploit it, once you learned one, learn at least 4 more. Good languages to start with are Java and Python. You could for example read this free book: http://www.diveintopython3.net/ You should also learn system administration, especially on UNIX systems like GNU/Linux. To become a hacker, it requires many years of experience in both, programming and system administration.
What exactly is the deep web? Deep Web is anything not found by a search engine. so technically Facebook, YouTube, etc. are partly deep web, because there are private sections requiring credential authentication not indexed by web crawlers. Surface Web refers to anything that is to be found on search-engines. Deep Web and Surface Web are both part of the so-called “Clearnet.” Darknet or Darkweb is anything that requires special software like TOR, I2P, Freenet or a VPN to access (and thus is a small part of the deep web). Any other terminology like "Shadow Web", "Mariana's Web" or "Closed Shell System" do not exist, despite many scammers "selling" access to it. Many youtubers like to brag about "the deep web", but 99% of what they tell you is just made up to get more subscribers and views. Most commercial services on the TOR-Network are made to scam people. Be careful!
"Shadow Web", "Red Rooms" and "Mariana's web" are fake. They are just horror stories people commonly tell you. Many people make YouTube videos about the "deep web" and claim there were sites like these. However many scammers jump on the train and create a site where they tell you to pay bitcoins. When you pay the price, they would give you access to a red room or similar. Don't pay, because they simply do not exist. Also worth reading for more info why they are fake: https://www.vice.com/en/article/vvbw8b/the-real-dark-web-doesnt-exist
Welcome to Daniel's Chat. One of the most popular real-time chats, serving the dark web since 2013. Follow the rules and respect all chatters. Message one of the staff directly, but using the drop-down (or clicking on the top users names on the members list). We welcome any questions about the chat or the deep web in general. Find out more about our creator, Daniel Winzen by visiting his site: http://danwin1210.me

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