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Welcome to Daniel's chat! || The chat's language is English || Tips https://security-list.js.org




Clearnet (Faster):

 By entering you have agreed to these terms of service:

1.) No porn/illegal markets/pedophilia/zoophilia/necrophilia/gore/violence/rape.

2.) No photos of Children in any form.

3.) No form of TERRORISM is allowed!

4.) Don't engage in hacking or harassing of people, sites or services.

5.) Don't scam, spam, or post info that endangers anyone's anonymity or safety.

We reserve the right to kick you at any time for breaking these rules, or based on our judgment of the situation.

This is an international chat with people from different backgrounds and we need to respect each others values, even if they don't match our own. We welcome anyone, no matter your ethnic background, religion or gender identity.

Chat's onion domain: danschat356lctri3zavzh6fbxg2a7lo6z3etgkctzzpspewu7zdsaqd.onion - The onion address for this chat.

Elune's Blog - http://agwttao4bathmvmmjttsu2ovxwsb3bmsbrqarjemrl4k7pmtp4ilucid.onion/

Riot's website: http://jp66h4x3kjilg2yb5m4tumv2ddfnhykhwdw7vwm6a5s5h2ghhuelyqad.onion/

Privacy Tools: privacy2zbidut4m4jyj3ksdqidzkw3uoip2vhvhbvwxbqux5xy5obyd.onion

Hackers-Arise: www.hackers-arise.com/ - Cybersecurity

Whonix: dds6qkxpwdeubwucdiaord2xgbbeyds25rbsgr73tbfpqpt4a6vjwsyd.onion - Anonymity operating system

Qubes: qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion - Anonymity operating system

Imperial Library: http://kx5thpx2olielkihfyo4jgjqfb7zx7wxr3sd4xzt26ochei4m6f7tayd.onion/ - 100,000+ downloadable books.

(Tor Blocked)

Owledge: http://owlzyj4to3l5daq6edgsgp5z4lh4tzlnms4z6jv6xdtkily77j4b3byd.onion/ - Tor Guide

In order to become a member, be polite, be active, make friends, and follow the rules. After you've been active on the chat for a while. Just follow the rules
try to not share links, if you do share a link make sure it follows the rules.

How to learn hacking: You should start with learning a programming language and learning NetWorking. It will give you an understanding of what is commonly done wrong in a program and maybe also how you can exploit it,
once you learned one, learn at least 4 more. Good languages to start with are Javascript and Python. You could for example read this free book: http://www.diveintopython3.net/
You should also learn system administration, especially on UNIX systems like GNU/Linux. To become a hacker, it requires many years of experience in both, programming and system administration.

On Tor you're routing throught the onion network which was created for Government use. This place is for privacy not abuse.
Think of the war torn countries trying to communicate and they are censored? Tor circumvents that censorship. Jouralist are utilizting Tor too to pass news from country to country.
Tor's a wonderful Tool priavcy. A free VPN, most people who download Tor use it with clear-net sites.
"deepweb" and Surface Web are both part of the so-called “Clearnet.” deepweb is anything that requires
special software like TOR, I2P, Freenet or a VPN to access (and thus is a small part of the deep web). Any other terminology like "Shadow Web", "Mariana's Web" or "Closed Shell System" do not exist, despite many scammers
"selling" access to it. Many youtubers like to brag about "the deep web", but 99% of what they tell you is just made up to get more subscribers and views. Most commercial services on the TOR-Network are made to scam people.
Be careful!
Red Rooms are real but you will never be passed a link any link passed to you is a scam. Red Rooms facilitate harming people, children, and animals. This
can be sexual exploitation to murder. There are cases of indiviuals being arrested for these acts against innocent children. This is why it is a MUST to keep your privacy secure. We have all types of people out here trying to groom you for some kind of profit. DO NOT give out any details. DO NOT don't load anything
DO NOT give someone or a site your money, you have a 99.999% chance to get ripped off. It's mainly scams and fraud.

Welcome to Daniel's Chat. One of the most popular real-time chats, serving the dark web since 2013. Follow the rules. We are a clear-net chat with a Tor gateway for privacy.
Find out more about our creator, Daniel Winzen by visiting
his site: https://danwin1210.de

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